GSM module application
Oct 16, 2018

The manufacturers of GSM modules are mainly abroad, including Siemens, Wavcom, Sagem, etc. With the domestic technological advancement, domestic manufacturers such as Huawei and Quectel have gradually replaced foreign brands due to their higher cost performance. It has occupied the mainstream position in the domestic market. The more popular modules in the market include Huawei's GTM900-B, etc. The domestic application module successfully develops the terminal MODEM product typical application Jingwei Xinghang JWOD1, Jingwei Xinghang JWOD2.


Modules such as Huawei and Quectel have been successfully applied in China, and the typical applications are Jingwei Xinghang JWOD1, Jingwei Xinghang JWOD2, and Xunyantong MD231. Successful cases are:

DTP_T05 series embedded SMS module GSM Modem

DTP_RD+ series integrated SMS alarm intelligent terminal iDTU

Remote real-time monitoring of mobile base station fiber-optic communication equipment

Eight channel input and output series SMS wireless measurement and control terminal

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