HUAWEI 4G Module
Oct 16, 2018

4G LTE is a general term for LTE network standards such as TD-LTE and FDD-LTE. It has the characteristics of fast communication speed, wide network spectrum and flexible communication. 4G module refers to the general name of a product that is loaded into the specified frequency band, the software supports the standard LTE protocol, and the software and hardware are highly integrated and modularized. The hardware integrates the RF and baseband on a small PCB board to complete the wireless receiving, transmitting, and baseband signal processing functions. The software supports voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, dial-up networking and other functions.

In China, in addition to FDD LTE/TD-LTE LTE standards, 4G modules are backward compatible with 2G/3G and support TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM/CDMA1X/EVDO modes. The downlink rate of data services can reach up to 100Mbps, and the uplink rate can reach up to 50Mbps, providing customers with high-speed Internet access and wireless data connection. In addition to providing high-speed data access, it also provides voice (PCM), SMS, address book and other functions, which can be widely used in notebook, tablet, touch screen communication devices, smart phones, video surveillance, multimedia mobile phones and vehicle equipment and other terminal products and vertical application.

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