Quectel GSM Module
Oct 16, 2018

The GSM module is a functional module that integrates a GSM radio frequency chip, a baseband processing chip, a memory, a power amplifier device, and the like on a circuit board, and has an independent operating system, GSM radio frequency processing, baseband processing, and a standard interface.

The GSM module has all the basic functions of transmitting SMS messages, voice calls, GPRS data transmissions and the like based on the GSM network. Simply put, the GSM module with a keyboard, display and battery is a mobile phone.

The developer uses ARM or MCU to communicate with the GSM module through the RS232 serial port, and uses the standard AT command to control the GSM module to implement various wireless communication functions, such as sending text messages, making calls, and GPRS dial-up Internet access. Development based on GSM module products is often based on the ARM platform, using embedded systems for development. Some GSM modules have an "open built-in platform" feature that allows customers to embed their own programs into the software platform within the module.

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