Text to Speech
Nov 23, 2018

    TTS is the abbreviation of Text to Speech, that is, "from text to voice", which is part of the human-computer dialogue, so that the machine can speak.

    It is an outstanding work of both linguistics and psychology. Supported by the built-in chip, it intelligently converts words into natural speech stream through the design of neural network. TTS technology can convert text files in real time, and the conversion time can be calculated in seconds. Under the function of its special intelligent voice controller, the voice rhythm of text output is fluent, which makes the listener feel natural when listening to information, without the indifference and astringency of machine voice output. TTS speech synthesis technology [1] will cover the first and second level Chinese characters of the national standard, with English interface, automatic recognition of Chinese and English, support Chinese and English mixed reading. The standard pronunciation of all voices is Mandarin, which realizes 120-150 Chinese characters per minute fast speech synthesis. The speed of reading aloud is 3-4 Chinese characters per second, so that users can hear clear and pleasant tone and coherent and fluent intonation. Now a few MP3 Walkman have TTS function.

    TTS is a kind of speech synthesis application, which converts files stored in computers, such as help files or web pages, into natural speech output. TTS can not only help people with visual impairment to read information on computers, but also increase the readability of text documents. Today's TTS applications include voice-driven mail and voice-sensitive systems, and are often used with voice recognition programs.

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