The World's First 5G Flow Package
Dec 27, 2018

   2019 is regarded as the first year of 5G communication technology commercialization. With the introduction of 5G related protocol standards, the landing of 5G infrastructure construction program, the launch of 5G network services for global operators... Entering the 5G era is also entering the final countdown.

    At the beginning of this month, SKT, KT and LG U + launched the 5G network at the same time, launching the first commercial 5G service based on the 3GPP standard in the world. Then Elisa, the Finnish operator, officially announced the launch of the 5G network. The three major operators including China Mobile have also launched the 5G scale test and application demonstration work in several cities.



    In addition, mobile phone manufacturers are also eager to try, Samsung, millet, OPPO and so on have come up with a 5G smartphone solution adapted to 5G network, 5G is really coming!

   5G is coming. In addition to the extremely fast experience of mobile internet, we must also pay attention to the pricing of 5G network.

   Previously, Korean Telecom (KT) provided a 5G tariff package labeled as --- about 44 US dollars (about 303 RMB) 10GB traffic per month. In my opinion, the package like 10GB traffic package month is contrary to the fast Internet experience of 5G era, so the package standard of Korea Telecom (KT) has no reference value.

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