V2X band has been set
Oct 31, 2018

   At the closing ceremony of the World Intelligent Networking Auto Conference, Xie Yuansheng, Director of the Radio Management Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said: "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially issued the "Regulations on the Use of the 5905-5925MHz Frequency Band for Direct Connect Communication of the Internet of Vehicles (Intelligent Networked Vehicles)" for Intelligent Network. The core radio direct communication in the car supports the application and development of LTE-V2X technology in intelligent network vehicles."


   This regulation determines that the 5905-5925MHz frequency band is used as the working frequency band of the LTE-V2X-based vehicle network direct communication, which is consistent with the international mainstream frequency band and reserves the feasibility for future development.

Xie Yuansheng said that the 20-megabit bandwidth resource was planned to meet the medium- and long-term needs of smart car development. Even after 15 or even 20 years, the frequency resources are sufficient to meet the use of the Internet of Vehicles.

   At the same time, the regulation also proposes interference coordination measures and frequency, station and equipment management methods, which can balance management needs with actual use. To set up and use roadside radio equipment in the 5905-5925MHz band, you should apply for a radio frequency license from the national radio regulatory agency.

   With the deep integration of information technology and the traditional automobile industry, a trillion-level intelligent networked automobile industry is emerging. Radio frequency is a key resource for the development of intelligent networked vehicles. The use of radio for the use of vehicle network frequency is crucial for promoting the development of intelligent networked vehicles.

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