What are the wireless data transmission modules of the Internet of things
Nov 21, 2018

   The Internet of Things (IOT) is a newly emerging concept in recent years. As its name implies, the Internet of Things (IOT) is the interconnection of things. To realize the interconnection of things is essentially to realize the information and data interaction between things. From this, many wireless data transmission modules have been derived, such as LoRa module, GPRS wireless data transmission module, NB-IoT wireless number, etc. According to the transmission module.


quectel BC26

   The wireless data transmission module mainly adopts RS485 communication mode, which transmits the data from the wired acquisition terminal to the module, and then transmits the data through the wireless transmission mode to realize the data transmission between wired devices and wireless devices. Different modules adopt different chips and technologies. Most modules can support a variety of communication protocols, such as MODBUS protocol, TCP MODBUS, DLT645-97/07, MQTT and so on.


Quectel BC95-G

    Wireless data transmission module is also widely used, which can be used in centralized meter reading, industrial control, building energy saving, intelligent transportation, low cost, easy installation, flexible network structure and other advantages, so that wireless data transmission module has been favored by more and more fields. And far intelligent Internet of Things wireless data transmission module, to provide you with customized wireless data transmission solutions.

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