What is NB-IoT?
Nov 13, 2018

   There are many wireless communication technologies in the Internet of Things, which are mainly divided into two categories: one is Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-wave and other short-range communication technologies; the other is LPWAN (low-power Wide-Area Network). LPWA can be divided into two categories: LoRa, SigFox, etc., which work on unlicensed spectrum; and 2/3/4G cellular communication technologies, such as EC-GSM, which are supported by 3GPP and operate under licensed spectrum. LTE Cat-m, NB-IoT, etc.

Quectel BC95

    NB-IoT (Narrow Band - Internet of Things). Focusing on the LPWA and IoT markets, NB-IOT is an emerging technology that can be used globally. The NB-IOT uses the license band and can adopt three deployment modes: in-band, guard band, or independent carrier to coexist with the existing network.

Quectel BC95-G

    NB-IoT is an emerging Internet of Things technology. Because of its low power consumption, stable connection, low cost, and excellent architecture optimization, Huawei has attracted much attention as a leading company in the domestic research and development of NB-IoT technology.

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