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AT&T Launches 5G Mobile Service
Dec 19, 2018

    AT&T has started offering 5G mobile network services through a portable mobile hotspot in parts of more than a dozen cities in the United States. At present, "some businesses and consumers" in these areas will be able to enjoy free services for at least three months.



    In a press release, AT&T said, "Next spring, customers will be able to get Nighthawk mobile hotspots for $499 and 15GB of data traffic for $70 a month without signing an annual contract."

    The operator named its 5G network using millimeter wave spectrum as "5G+". But beyond that, AT&T did not provide more details about the release. For example, AT&T does not provide services to provide what network speed, and how it will manage data traffic on the network.

    It is reported that AT&T will provide 3 Mbps per month for $50 in its Cricket prepaid smartphone service, and will be limited once the monthly usage reaches 22 GB. At the same time, AT&T offers a $50 monthly 10 GB traffic package for LTE hotspots, which means that AT&T's 5G pricing is slightly lower than 4 GB per GB price.

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