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China Mobile Will Collect 5 Million NB Single-mode Modules
Nov 02, 2018

   On October 31, China Mobile announced that it will collect 8-10 NB single-mode module products, with a total purchase volume of no more than 5 million pieces.


   The scale of 5 million pieces is enough to kill the purchase scale of 500,000 pieces of China Telecom and 3.5 million pieces of NB modules of China Unicom.

   This is another feast of the NB-IoT module market following China Telecom and China Unicom. It is particularly noteworthy that the module collected in this collection is a NB single-mode module, and China Mobile's enthusiasm for NB is evident.

   This time, China Mobile's 5 million NB modules are collected in addition to China Telecom and China Unicom. The biggest difference between China Mobile and China Unicom is that China Mobile has no price limit and no final requirements. Several companies won the bid.

    Previously, China Telecom's 500,000-piece collection was only one of the winning bids. Although it allowed the winning bidders to produce economies of scale and reduce product development costs, it was of little significance to the entire module industry.

   China Unicom's 3.5 million piece price limit is 35 yuan / piece, the profit is extremely low. This is a test of the ability of the winning bidders in terms of cost control and mass production. Only the large module manufacturers can digest the large orders of China Unicom's 3.5 million pieces.

   This time, China Mobile's collection and acquisition is undoubtedly more relaxed in the bidding conditions, perhaps this time can really promote the development of the entire industry chain.

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