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Electronica 2018
Nov 14, 2018

   Electronica 2018 was officially opened in November 13th. In this 50-year-old global electronics industry's top event, Yuanyuan Communications brought a full range of product lines to the public, and announced a number of blockbuster cooperation and innovative products.

Quectel 展会

   With the maturity of 5G communication technology and the breakthrough of artificial intelligence algorithm, many previously seemingly "surreal" concepts began to land gradually, such as automatic driving, various kinds of intelligent devices without manual operation, and the recent popularity of artificial intelligence anchors overseas.

   At this year's Munich Electronics Show, removing also brings many innovative products with a sense of future, including C-V2X AG15 module for intelligent driving and AG35 module for high-precision positioning vehicle front-loading communication, EG18 module for high-speed LTE Cat 18 for 5G application, SC66 module integrated with AI chip, and dead reckoning technology based on navigation position. The new generation of GNSS positioning module and so on.

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