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Japan Will Lay Down Rules For Data Flow
Dec 20, 2018

     In order to formulate rules for transnational data flow, the Japanese government will formally coordinate with the United States and the European Union. All parties will build a "data circulation circle" to allow the transfer of personal and industrial data. On the other hand, it will strictly restrict the transfer of data to countries with imperfect personal information protection system. Discuss the imposition of fines on enterprises that violate the requirements. Construct the framework of data security circulation to promote business development.

     Browsing webpages, landing websites and disclosing names, hobbies and purchasing information on social networking sites can help develop AI services, etc. Because AI's capabilities will increase with the increase of information, a mechanism to protect and collect large amounts of data is indispensable. On the other hand, data leakage has the risk of infringing privacy.

Japan, the United States and the European Union have been committed to improving the legal system and security measures for the protection of personal and industrial information. They will conclude intergovernmental agreements, recognize each other that countries adopt a certain degree of data protection policies, and in principle allow the free flow of data. In the future, other countries, such as India, will be called upon to join in the effort to establish a wide data circulation circle.

     The Personal Information Protection Committee of the Japanese government can investigate and give advice and orders to the enterprises in question, but there is no mechanism for fine. As only exhortations can be given to overseas legal persons, voices have pointed out that Japan's restrictions are ineffective. On the other hand, in order to levy fines in practice, we are faced with many problems, such as the identification of transfer data and the formulation of penalty calculation standards.

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