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Korea Realizes 5G Commercial For The First Time In The World
Dec 05, 2018

    Recently, SK Telecom, KT and LG U + have launched 5G services in some parts of Korea simultaneously, which is the first time that the new generation of mobile communication services have been commercialized in the world.

It is reported that 5G can transmit more data than previous mobile communication services. It can transmit data 20 times faster than 4G (LTE) and its delay is more than 100 times shorter. The first batch of 5G service areas will be in the center of Seoul, Capital Circle and South Korea's six major wide-area cities, which will be expanded in the future. According to the plan, Korean smartphone users will be able to use 5G services around March next year, and it is expected to achieve 5G full coverage in the second half of 2020.

SK Telecom first introduced 5G service for industry, which integrates AI technology. As the first customer, Minghua Industrial Company, an automotive component manufacturer in Anshan Banyue Industrial Park, Gyeonggi Province, began to use the "5G-AI machine perspective" for product quality inspection on December 1, using the camera installed in the factory (12 million pixels). The production process of the product is photographed from all angles, and then the ultra-high-definition images are transmitted to the cloud server with artificial intelligence technology through 5G mobile router. The artificial intelligence can judge the content of the photos instantaneously and confirm whether the product has defects.

LG U + will also provide industrial 5G services including impact recognition and remote control functions, including remote control of heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, intelligent UAV, intelligent monitor, autopilot map, cloud virtual reality (VR) and other fields. LG U + has successfully introduced remote-operated unmanned excavator for Korean company in construction site in China. It can automatically make construction plan and work according to the amount of construction work by transmitting 3D design drawings to construction machinery.

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