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Quectel AliOS Things Module
Dec 26, 2018

     The CEO of Quectel Communications attended the Alibaba Group Internet of Things Eco-Partnership Conference with representatives from 23 chip module manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Unicom. He announced that he would cooperate with Alibaba to launch module chips with embedded AliOS Things operating system and sell them online.



     As Alibaba's first Internet of Things modular partners, many remote modules have supported AliOS Things operating system, including NB-IoT BC26 and GSM/GPRS M26 modules, which can provide fast and efficient access to the cloud for customer terminals, and help partners shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs. In the future, innovative products based on C-V2X, 5G, AI and other technologies will also support the system.


Quectel BC26

     AliOS Things is a lightweight embedded operating system for Internet of Things launched by Aliyun in the field of IoT. It is used to build cloud-based integrated IoT infrastructure. It has the key capabilities of extreme performance, minimal development, cloud-end integration, rich components, security protection, and supports terminal devices to connect to Aliyun. It can be widely used in smart home, smart city, smart travel and other fields.

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