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Quectel Has Been Leading The Industry In Innovation
Nov 09, 2018

     From November 6th to 10th, the 5th World Internet Conference·Internet Light Expo was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The theme of this year's Expo is "Creating a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Co-governance - Joining Hands to Build a Community of Cyberspace Destiny", focusing on the development trends and black technologies in the digital fields such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and VR.

     This year, Wuzhen took the lead in launching the 5G network commercial pilot. The three major operators also took the 5G trial commercial experience as the focus of the show, allowing the audience to experience the telemedicine, human-computer interaction, 8K video live broadcast, rescue, VR video, etc. based on 5G technology application.

    As the wind vane of the communication module industry, Qutectel has been closely following the development of 5G, and has created a number of heavy-duty products for 5G, helping to support applications such as “mass machine interconnection, peak rate experience and ultra-low latency”.

    At present, Quectel has launched the Gigabit LTE Cat 18 module EG18, which supports ultra-high-speed wireless network connection with a maximum downlink rate of 1.2Gbps and a maximum uplink rate of 150Mbps. Based on Qualcomm's second-generation Gigabit modem chip SDX20, the EG18 module uses 3GPP R12 technology to provide users with faster and better mobile communication experience.

Quectel EG18

    In design, the EG18 is packaged in an LGA and is compatible with the Cat 6 and Cat 12 products of the LTE-A series to meet customers' needs for different speed grades and long-term evolution of products. The module covers the world's major carrier networks and can meet applications requiring ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency, such as ultra-high speed routers, car video surveillance systems, cloud-based 4K Ultra HD network cameras and other similar applications.

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