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Quectel Launched BG35 And BG17
Dec 21, 2018

    Quectel officially launched a new generation of multi-mode LPWA modules BG35 and BG17 using a new Qualcomm #9205 LTE modem. As one of the world's first planned suppliers of communication modules based on the new chip platform, remote communication will help customers achieve faster and more effective commercialization of Internet of Things solutions.

    BG35 is a series of multi-mode modules integrated with Cat M1, Cat NB2, EGPRS and GNSS positioning technology, which fully conforms to the 3GPP R14 specification. BG35 and its predecessor BG36 adopt the same encapsulation method, and the software API is fully compatible. Therefore, BG35 can help customers who have successfully deployed the IOT solution to achieve a smooth transition. In the future, Shiyuan will continue to supply the previous generation of BG36 modules to customers and continue to provide corresponding technical support.

Quectel BG35 and BG17 NB Module

    Quectel will also build an ultra-compact BG17 module based on the chip. The product supports Cat M1, Cat NB2 technology and integrates GNSS functions. Its size is about 14mm x 15mm. It is suitable for small size terminals such as wearable devices.

    BG35 uses an integrated ARM Cortex A7 processor to support the ThreadX real-time operating system. At the same time, its sufficient RAM and flash memory will greatly improve the cost-effectiveness of MCU and save PCB space. Compared with previous products, BG35's PSM leakage is reduced by 70% and eDRX current is reduced by 85%, which can effectively reduce power consumption and prolong the battery life of the terminal.

    BG35 enhances hardware-based security features in an all-round way, supports technologies such as secure start-up, secure debugging, secure file system and secure key of hardware trusted roots, and ensures that trusted applications can run directly on Cortex A7 TrustZone engine.

   Thanks to the successful experience of remote communication in different vertical areas of the Internet of Things, the extensive and comprehensive network protocol stack and the advantages of covering the global frequency band, BG35 and BG17 can be widely used in intelligent meter, asset tracking, AVL, health monitoring, vending machines and other fields. BG35 and BG17 also provide VoLTE voice function, which can be used in lightweight voice terminals and emergency buttons, so that users can get help in time.

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