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Test Specification For Auto Driving Function Of Intelligent Network Union Vehicle Was Officially Released
Dec 10, 2018

    The 5G Autopilot Alliance was established in September 2018. It was jointly initiated by enterprises, universities and research institutes in the fields of China Mobile's joint communications, transportation and Internet. It was established under the guidance of relevant national units. The alliance is guided by the 5G Autopilot Leadership Plan and explores 5G technology and resources of various parties. Auto-driving technology combines advantages to enable auto-driving and intelligent transportation.

    Zhou Ronghua, Deputy Engineer of the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Xiangyang) Intelligent Network Federation, revealed that 17 members of the Federation's working group have been established.

    "The goal of the 5G Auto Driving Test Working Group is to establish a test and evaluation system based on V2X for Intelligent Network Auto Driving, and to solve the test and evaluation method for Intelligent Network Auto Driving and the test and evaluation method for V2X." Zhou Ronghua pointed out that "the main purpose of setting up this group is to gather technical forces from all walks of life of government, industry, university, research and business, to carry out the research of V2X automatic driving test and evaluation methods, and to carry out the test and evaluation of intelligent network automobile automatic driving technology."

   Zhou Ronghua pointed out that the scope of work of the working group is based on the V2X-based test and evaluation technology related to the automatic driving of the Intelligent Network United Vehicles. The main work includes three aspects: research and formulation of functional safety, comfort performance and travel efficiency test and evaluation criteria for intelligent network automobile driving; research and formulation of test and evaluation criteria for V2X equipment, broadband wireless mobile communication network, intelligent transportation information infrastructure, and intelligent driving scenarios; and development of test site ring. Scene-based test and evaluation of autopilot function security, information security, comfort performance and travel efficiency.

    Zhou Ronghua emphasized that there are four basic principles in the "Test Specification for Auto Driving Function of Intelligent Network United Vehicles". The first is to ensure the safety of automatic driving test as the bottom line; the second is to take into account the two technical routes of intellectualization and networking; the third is to consider the differences of test scenarios of different models; and the fourth is to focus on the typicality and representativeness of test scenarios selection.

     According to the list of scenarios proposed in the Regulations of Intelligent Network Road Test Management (Trial Implementation) formulated by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the second is to conduct a relatively extensive survey and evaluation of the level of existing automatic driving vehicles, and the third is to reproduce the typical scenarios of open roads. At last, we draw lessons from the "Test Rules for Auto-driving Function of Intelligent Networked Vehicles" issued by the Steam Standard Committee to draw up a white paper.

   Zhou Ronghua said that there are mainly eight parts in the normative content: first, the relevant scope is stipulated; second, there are normative reference documents; third, the relevant terms and definitions are stipulated; fourth, the relevant testing items and requirements; fifth, the sufficient requirements; sixth, the conditions for judging whether it can pass; and seventh, the detailed requirements. Test specifications, the eighth made the corresponding duplicate.

   Zhou Ronghua disclosed that the alliance has established a relatively perfect testing ground in Xiangyang as a closed testing ground for 5G Autopilot Alliance.

    Finally, he pointed out that "the specification is only a foundation, and there must be many improvements and improvements in the subsequent development of the technology of Intelligent Networking". As we further improve, we hope to be able to do a ministerial or even national norm to guide the test of automatic driving.

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