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The 21st China International Gas And Heating Technology And Equipment Exhibition
Oct 29, 2018

   On October 29th, the 21st China International Gas and Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition hosted by China City Gas Association was grandly opened in Hangzhou. At the largest natural gas industry event in China, the company's latest LTE, NB-IoT, intelligent modules and 2G, 3G, GNSS products have a strong appearance, attracting many visitors.


  In recent years, urban gas has developed rapidly, and people have encountered many problems while enjoying the convenience of clean energy. For example, the increase in the number of residential users has also increased the workload of manual household meter reading, instrument maintenance and maintenance, resulting in high labor, management and maintenance costs for gas companies. The new gas meter has a built-in wireless communication module that enables wireless data transmission via wireless transmission technology. The gas company can remotely read the gas meter data through the management monitoring platform, control the gas meter valve switch, manage the prepayment, set the multi-step ladder gas price, etc., not only effectively improve the gas management efficiency company, but also ensure the safety of gas consumption. Provide value-added services through data analysis.   The NB-IoT module is highly regarded in the vertical field of energy applications due to its unique coverage, large connection and low cost. At present, many remote NB-IoT products have been widely used in the gas industry, including BC95_R2.0, BC35-G, BC28 of HiSilicon platform and BG36 multimode Cat M1 / Cat NB1 / EGPRS / GNSS module of Qualcomm platform. And the BC26 of the MediaTek platform.

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