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The Entire Planet Is Likely To Be Digitized
Nov 12, 2018

    At the 5th World Internet Conference, the Internet of Things technology that gave birth to a new round of industrial transformation has received a lot of attention. Many Internet giants have expressed their opinions on the technical foundations related to the Internet of Things, smart devices, and industrial development. The collision of ideas was launched. Nokia Bell President Wang Jianya: Internet of Things, 5G, AI is the fourth industrial revolution

    Wang Jianya believes that the Internet of Things, 5G and artificial intelligence represent the fourth industrial revolution. At present, the combination of the Internet of Things and 5G can liberate manpower, and has been unmanned in many places. According to him, Nokia's Finnish headquarters has been completely unmanned, and the lights are off at night, but the factory is still running. Nokia is working with energy companies in China to replace people working in mines with automatic narrow-range robots. In June this year, the Thai football team was trapped in a cave. Nokia used a drone to build a private network in a remote cave. This is a case of the Internet of Things +5G for rescue.

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    Wu Xinhong believes that in the era of the Internet of Things, all hardware devices can be connected through software. Meitu is planning to implement an application scenario, which is to connect various smart camera devices. "In addition to sports cameras, future smart cars, drones, and robots can all be a camera device. Essentially, we use our application to connect various cameras. On the one hand, we enhance the camera's perception and let them know like human eyes. On the other hand, through the camera to help users record the good moments of life to share on the social platform. This is a cool application scenario." Wu Xinhong said.

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