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Vehicle Interconnection
Dec 06, 2018

    The concept of Vehicle Networking is extended from Internet of Things. According to different industry background, the definition of Vehicle Networking is different. Traditionally, the definition of Vehicle Networking refers to that the electronic tags loaded on vehicles can be effectively extracted and utilized on the information network platform through radio frequency identification technology, and the running status of all vehicles can be effectively monitored and improved according to different functional requirements. Systems for integrated services.

    With the development of vehicle networking technology and industry, the above definition can no longer cover the whole content of vehicle networking. According to the definition of the strategic alliance of technological innovation in the vehicle networking industry, the vehicle networking is a large system network that carries out wireless communication and information exchange between vehicles and X (X: vehicles, roads, pedestrians and the Internet) based on the intra-vehicle network, the inter-vehicle network and the vehicle mobile internet, according to the agreed communication protocols and data interaction standards. Intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and intelligent vehicle control can be realized in an integrated network. It is a typical application of Internet of Things technology in the field of transportation system.

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