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What Is A 4G Module
Oct 16, 2018

4G module refers to the fourth generation communication technology module, also called industrial router, 4G industrial module, 4G industrial router, PLC remote module, PLC remote control module. How is it different from ordinary industrial modules? First of all, we must know that the industrial 4G module adopts TD-LTE and FDD-LTE standards. Support 100Mbps uplink and downlink network bandwidth, can handle large data, high-quality audio, video, image and other transmission requirements, the module uses embedded, integrated semiconductor integrated circuits with specific functions, can be secondary development on the basic functions, support C Voice C++, etc., enhance product extensibility, and create some customized protocols to create more value for users.

The 4G module adds 4G dialing function based on the common router, which can realize wireless networking function. The 4G dialing function is divided into built-in and external two. The built-in is built-in 4G module built in the PCB board, and the base station signal is accepted for networking through the inserted SIM card. Externally, the 4G network card is connected to the USB interface to realize dial-up Internet access, that is, to achieve online sharing.

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