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Wide Application Of 4G Modules
Oct 16, 2018

The self-service terminal equipment needs large-volume network transmission, and the high-speed networking of the 4G module transmits all terminal service data and equipment operation status to the service center in real time, which reduces the operation cost of the business center and manages the operation scale.

Using 4G modules, real-time collection of express cabinet business data and monitoring of express cabinet security, 24-hour uninterrupted real-time stable transmission, reducing the operating costs of express delivery companies and improving service efficiency.

In view of the problem of scattered distribution and maintenance safety of urban public bicycles, 4G modules are used to realize real-time networking of rental points, real-time transmission of bicycle pile status and deposit/withdrawal information, which improves the scale and time management of bicycle rental points and improves service quality.

Taking a mine safety monitoring as an example, the mine monitoring sensor equipment is connected with the DTU. At the same time, the 4G module is connected with the networked equipment, and the collected data is transmitted to the management monitoring platform in real time, thereby quickly troubleshooting, ensuring safe construction and avoiding operators. Violation of the control.

The charging pile is connected with the 4G module to realize networking, and a large amount of real-time data and real-time monitoring information are quickly transmitted to the service center and the user, thereby optimizing the management of the charging pile dispersion state, saving manpower and material resources, and reducing costs.

The use of 4G module networking makes the bus completely intelligent, allowing passengers to easily realize wifi networking, query bus travel arrival information at any time, save passenger time, facilitate travel, and better enhance the city image.

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