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WIFI Module
Oct 16, 2018

Wi-Fi module, also known as serial Wi-Fi module, belongs to the Internet of Things transmission layer. Its function is to convert the serial port or TTL level into an embedded module conforming to the Wi-Fi wireless network communication standard. The built-in wireless network protocol Protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack. The traditional hardware device embedded in the Wi-Fi module can directly use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, which is an important part of implementing Internet of Things applications such as wireless smart home and M2M.

Wi-Fi modules can be divided into three categories: 1. Universal Wi-Fi modules, such as USB or SDIO interface modules on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, Wi-Fi protocol stacks and drivers are in Android, Windows, IOS systems. Running, is the need for a very powerful CPU to complete the application; 2, router solution Wi-Fi module, typically a home router, protocol and driver is based on a chip with powerful Flash and Ram resources plus Linux operating system; 3, embedded Wi-Fi module, 32-bit microcontroller, built-in Wi-Fi driver and protocol, the interface is a general MCU interface such as UART. Suitable for all kinds of smart home or smart hardware items.

Now many manufacturers have tried to add Wi-Fi modules to TVs, air conditioners and other devices to build wireless home intelligence systems.

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