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Quectel GSM Module

Quectel GSM Module for Tracking

Kingdom-tech is a global supplier of wireless products for M2M application. We provide our customers with a wide range of wireless modules and accessories.We will provideexcellent service and the best price for you. We offer the best quality ME906S-158 M.2 Interface Wireless 4G LTE GPS GSM...
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Kingdom-tech is a global supplier of wireless products for M2M application. 
We provide our customers with a wide range of wireless modules and accessories.We will provideexcellent service and the best price for you. We offer the best quality ME906S-158 M.2 Interface Wireless 4G LTE GPS GSM Module to our customers at best price.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any help. We will reply you within 1- 24 hours.

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The MC20 module is developed using the latest multi-function communication positioning chip from MediaTek. It is a full-featured communication module integrating LCC package, quad-band GSM/GPRS and advanced algorithm GNSS engine. It has the advantages of ultra-small size, low power consumption and dual card single standby. The MC20 not only embeds rich network protocols (such as TCP, UDP, PPP, FTP, HTTP, and SSL), but also integrates multi-constellation satellite systems (such as Beidou, GPS, QZSS) to provide wireless mobile communications and precise navigation and positioning. 










BT   3.0


EASYTM/LOCUSTM/AlwaysLocateTM/EPOTM/GLP/AIC/SDK   order/Second set/

Double   card single stay/OpenCPU







Q. 1: Do you have stock ?

Most of produts are under regular production , we can make delivery immediately if we have the specific one in stock.

Q.2:How can I get some samples?

We are honored to offer you samples.

Q.3: About the sample what is the cost of transportation?

The freight depends on weight, packing size and your country or province region, and the express company, etc.

Q4: What are the design considerations when using embedded antenna?

1. Choose DC-DC converter with low switching frequency.

2. The input and output line of DC-DC converter should be far away from antenna. Note: All Power Supplies should be far away from antenna.

3. Antenna should be far away from LCD, especially the FPC of LCD.

4. Antenna and RF trace should be far away from the main CPU, including the SDRAM and FLASH. It is recommended to add EMI filters at the high-speed line of CPU, SDRAM and FLASH.

5. Use the shielding case to cover the CPU, SDRAM, FLASH and DC-DC converter.

6. Antenna should be far away from the SIM card.

7. Please ensure that the enclosure surrounding the antenna and structural components are not metal materials.

8. As the enclosure and components surrounding the embedded antenna will have influence on the RF performance, it is strongly suggested to provide the device to the antenna vendor to optimize the antenna performance. 


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